• Cumberlandlimo.com or any sub-contracted carrier contracted to cumberlandlimo.com.
  • The individual responsible for directing & compensating the Carrier.
  • A sedan, limousine, SUV or Bus provided by the Carrier.

Refund Policy

Cumberland limo does not offer any refunds for services rendered.

Availability of Vehicles

Charges named herein are based on Vehicles being furnished of sufficient seating capacity to accommodate the Chartering Party; but the Carrier reserves the right, when operating conditions so require, to furnish similar Vehicles of greater seating capacity, charges to be based upon the Vehicle ordered.


Baggage will not be checked (a.) For charter trips, personal baggage, musical instruments, athletic equipment and other paraphernalia necessary for the purpose of the charter trip and limited to the capacity of the charter vehicle will be transported in the custody of the Chartering Party. (b.) Liability for loss or damage of baggage will be limited to fifty dollars ($50.00) for each individual in the party.

Objectionable Persons

The Carrier reserves the right to refuse to transport a person or persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or who is incapable of taking care of themselves, or who shows conduct which is such, or is likely to be such, as to make themselves objectionable to other passengers. Drug use, underage drinking or any other illegal activity will result in termination of the charter immediately, without refund.

Objectionable Destinations

The Carrier reserves the right to refuse to enter premises or areas that, in the sole opinion of the Carrier, may expose the chauffeur or Vehicle to delay, liability, injury or damage, including areas such as sports and public event parking lots, unpaved roads, poorly lit areas, areas which may be the site of illegal activities or areas which seem to be of a private or restricted nature.


Animals will not be carried, except seeing-eye animals accompanying their master.

Carriers Liability

  1. The Carrier will endeavor to maintain the schedule requested, but it is not guaranteed. The Carrier at may cancel any charter, with the total liability of the Carrier limited to the value of the charter.
  2. The Carrier will not be liable for delays influenced by factors beyond their control such as traffic, weather, mechanical break-down, chauffeur or passenger illness, etc. If factors beyond the Carriers control have such influence that, in the opinion of the Carrier, it is inadvisable to operate the vehicle or continue the charter, then the Carrier shall not be held liable.

Payment of Charges and Fees

Payment of all charges and fees shall be the responsibility of the Chartering Party and shall extend personally to the individual entering the chartering agreement on behalf of the Chartering Party. The Carrier reserves the right to collect such charges in advance unless prior credit arrangements have been made with the Carrier.

Meeting Points

Domestic Flights will be met outside the terminal near the baggage claim area of the listed airline. International Flights will be met outside the terminal near the baggage claim area of customs and there is a $25.00 fee. Charter flights will be met at the terminal or aircraft, if allowed. Other ground transportation charters will be met in front of the address or hotel provided by the Chartering Party.


Passengers who cannot locate their chauffeur must contact Carrier within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival time and must not leave the pickup point to avoid being charged for a no-show fee, which is the amount of the trip plus reasonable waiting time.

Waiting Time

Waiting time will be charged in ½ hour increments at the normal hourly rate beginning 30 minutes after the scheduled pickup.

Change, Cancellation, and No Show Policy

When canceling a reservation, a passenger must cancel the departure and the arrival and get a cancellation number. We require 12hours advance notice of cancellation and will issue a cancellation order number. Late cancellations (less than 6 hours prior service) are subject to a full charge for the trip.

For all reservations , a change fee or late cancellation fee of $65.00 will be charged, unless the all-inclusive charge is less which then applies, to all transfer or hourly reservations changed or cancelled within the minimum stated time and prior to the scheduled pick up time in the city of service. For all other services, the applicable base transfer rate applies, and for hourly service, the change or late cancellation fee is equal to the hourly minimum*.

A no show fee equal to the hourly minimum or base transfer, as applicable, for the confirmed vehicle plus airport fee, fuel surcharge, tolls, and parking, if applicable, will apply should the passenger fail to cancel or meet the chauffeur at the designated pick up location for all reservations*.

To avoid either a late cancellation or no show fee, the reservation(s) must be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy noted in the email confirmation. You may either call 404- 444-1841 or cancel the reservation at www.cumberlandlimo.com.

Service Charges

A standard 20% service charge will be added to all airport services.

Minimum Charges

There is a minimum charge on all vehicle orders. Mileage rates are in lieu of hourly rates; whichever is greater, when applicable. All charges are computed from the time the vehicle leaves the applicable metro area, until the time of return to the area.


By placing an order with cumberlandlimo.com, you agree that you are aware of these terms and conditions and will honor all charges. You also represent that you are duly authorized to grant cumberlandlimo.com authority to process service charges to your credit card and/or corporate account and will be personally responsible for any charges contracted by you.


All current limo rates are subject to change. All vehicles are non-smoking unless noted.